SNM Charitable Trust is a non profit making humanitarian organization dedicated to uplifting the impoverished. The project is managed by the SNM Group in Odisha, with an aim to lead those with dwindling hopes to a brighter, better future  

It is also involved in educating the disadvantaged rural young mass who otherwise have no access to academic resources. The Trust is also involved in building institutions where educational opportunities are unavailable. These benefits are made available to all sections of society irrespective of caste, creed and religion  

SNM independently runs ITI centre at Bonaigarg in the district of sundergarh, Odisha for occupational & vocational development of unemployed younger mass. 

SNM has also taken a revolutionary step towards improving the life & living of farmers neighbouring villages of Bhubaneswar, puri, koraput, keojhar etc, i.e for occupational development of farmers by procurement of their produces at best competitive market price.

SNM has also participated in making the city Green through plantation of trees across the road.

SNM Supplements the infrastructure facilities to villages, Funding for refurbishment of temples in and around the village area & free food for poor and the aged.

Apart from the above social services, the Group is actively engaged in bringing up new initiatives to help the young India generation for intrinsic development to eradicate poverty & illiteracy of the nation and creating luminaries in the field of commerce & industries.